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    // Overview

    The future of Remote Patient monitoring

    According to an investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO), 70% of the world population is in sub-health condition, where over 45% of sub-healthy people are middle-age or elderly. High-risk group includes senior- and middle-level white-collar worker and managers. These high-risk group need to be monitored proactively because:

    • 60% reduction in hospital readmissions for patients who use remote physiological monitoring, compared with those who receive standard care
    • Remote patient monitoring could prevent 460,000 to 627,000 heart failure-related hospital re-admissions annually (NEHI report, accessed 1/29)
    • For 26 million Americans living with diabetes, regular blood sugar monitoring can play a key role in making therapy and lifestyle adjustments
    • Improved blood sugar control has been shown to prevent or delay many complications

    Remote monitoring technology has the potential to save $4.7 billion to $6.4 billion annually as mentioned in Health Data Management Report(1/28) where the cost of Patient Monitoring Software is $2802 approximately.

    // Key capabilities

    PAM with gAngle Solution

    Fitness Tracking

    Allowing your doctors/care givers/personal coaches to track your daily activity, motivate you to do more, drink water, have meds etc.

    Health Management

    Weekly and monthly analysis of the data with the ability to sync in the cloud. One single app for monitoring all the patient data.

    Alerts and Notifications

    Receive notifications from your doctor, guardians, coach, friends and family.

    Real-time Data Collection

    Allowing you to automatically upload/sync patient results for Blood pressure, Blood Glucose, Heart Rate, Weight etc to the phone and cloud.

    Personal Security

    With a click of a button allows you to inform friends and family that you are in an emergency and need help.

    Phone functions

    Receive incoming calls, SMS with number display.

    // Capabilities

    PAM Solution Features

    Connected, Automated PAM in Motion can be plugged into the health monitoring applications or infrastructure provides following capabilities:

    • Blood Pressure
    • Blood Glucose
    • Body Temperature
    • GPS/LBS location tracking
    • Heart Rate
    • SOS
    • Sleep monitor
    • Steps/Distance tracker
    • Calorie Tracker
    • Incoming Call display
    • SMS display
    • Incoming notifications
    • Anti-lost reminder
    • Watch
    • Cloud Server management
    • One APP for all the patient data
    • Weekly and Monthly analysis
    • Weight Scale (coming soon)
    // Capabilities

    PAM Solution Benefits

    • Real-time upload of patient data to the cloud for better Health management.
    • Unified, consistent, and real-time view of PHR and EHR
    • Real-time collaboration between doctors, hospitals and patients, etc
    • Home Cardio Monitoring
    • Home Diabetes Monitoring
    • Auto alerts for emergencies
    • Quality Monitoring and Reporting
    • Automated Analytics
    • Potential for cost savings