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    10005 Oakton Crossing Ct., Oakton, VA 22124 United States

    707-NEEVSYS (707-633-8797)

    We provide architecture, design, and development of SOA and other integration platform solutions to allow information sharing and management between disparate business partners, processes, and systems to enable seamless end-to-end business integration.

    Most large enterprises typically employ more than one type of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies. Though these systems may have functioned well for their intended purposes over the years, they are often now a barrier to effective business operation. As virtual “islands of integration” operating with proprietary or non-standard message and data formats, these EAI hubs may inhibit the cost effective integration of applications required by constantly evolving business processes.

    Neevsys experts can assist in creating end-to-end integrated suite to build unified information architecture, backed up with functionalities that you would want to have for every individual application. These applications are the ones that connect business processes, within and across departmental, geographical, and line-of-business domains. Our integration services include cutting-edge software consulting, training, technical support, software customization and SaaS services.

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    We realize the potential of multiple EAI systems by exposing application integration capabilities as Enterprise Services. Once exposed as a Service, often through an Enterprise Service Bus (or ESB) to standardize messaging and data formats, the point of integration itself can become a service. Applications can then invoke these services using this “integration-as-a-Service” model.


    Why Neevsys

    • Quick time-to-value: Access to a hosted application within weeks
    • Faster implementations by eliminating hardware acquisitions and set up time
    • Scalability without infrastructure costs
    • Service availability and reliability, any time anywhere
    • Experienced solution management Team
    • The lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

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