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    In an emergency, facilities needs to quickly alert individuals about the threat and deliver clear instructions for action that will help ensure an effective and safe response. When seconds are critical, communicating quickly is the key. Alerting individuals by email alone isn’t enough. Neevsys EANS is a solution that enables institutions to communicate instantly, and provide clear instructions to control the situation, and reduce the danger.

    Key Challanges

    Proper recipient identification and emergency response processes are held together with “human glue”. Few common challenges in an Emergency Notification and Response processes are: 

    • Contact information is managed in multiple systems
    • Email and phone numbers change regularly, making it hard to stay current
    • Precious time is lost word-smithing appropriate emergency instructions
    • Different events require a different scope of response (fire, earthquake, tornado)
    • “Limited Scope” incidents make it cumbersome to determine who should be notified
    • Traditional broadcast messages may not reach the intended recipient
    • Broadcasted alerts are not location-dependent
    • Recipient confirmation is difficult to obtain (confirm receipt, confirm safe)
    • Primary and secondary emergency contacts are often “information-starved”

    Our Solution

    EANS can be used to quickly inform people about all types of emergencies such as accidents, weather warnings, violence or attacks, hazardous conditions, fire warnings, contamination, task Deadline alerts, or any other by leveraging the existing telephone network infrastructure to reach masses. EANS turns existing connected devices such as computers, land and cell, and wire-line phones into personal notification systems to be used by corporations, state & local government, educational institutions, and more. IT provides support across the end-to-end process life-cycle from preparation and notification to response tracking with pre-determined roles (both identified emergency personnel and targeted recipients).

    Key Benefits

    Real-time Dashboard

    EANS offers real-time dashboard of key performance indicators (response time by role, safety status, etc.). Dashboard provides cycle time / completion metrics.

    Standardize Emergency Responses

    EANS provides pre-configured templates for alerts speed process and eliminate errors (eg: fire instructions pre-determined with “3 blanks to fill in”) and useful for “non-professional” people in charge of safety (or those who don’t do it day-to-day)

    Centralized Contact Information

    EANS helps consolidate contact information from disparate systems (contact info, etc.) to enable one click notification to all stakeholders with two-way / Closed-loop reply options (confirm read / confirm safe)

    GIS Integration

    EANS integrates GIS information along with visualizations (e.g. Google maps) to know exact location of the incedent..

    Role-based Notifications

    EANS role-based portal dashboard to support administrators, first-responders, and recipients to get notified and broadcast messages tailored to recipient role and location.

    Connect to existing network

    EANS supports instant mass notification leveraging the existing network using any connected devices computers, landline phone or wireline mobile phones.

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