gAngel - Wearable for Security

A wearable wristband/bracelet/necklace that with a click of a button you can inform Police, friends and family that you are in an emergency.

On September 5th, 2014, the US Centers for Disease Control ("CDC") released the most recent National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey. The summary results are extremely disturbing:

  • 19.3% of womenin the United States(nearly 1-in-5) have been survivors of rape
  •  Nearly 80% indicated that they were first raped before the age of 25
  • 15% of women have been victimized by stalkers
  • 1.6% of women indicated they had been raped during the year preceding the survey. This equates to approximately 2.5 million women being the survivors of rape in the United States each year.

Meanwhile, the story as it relates to campus safety is even worse:

  • In a survey of male college students, 35% anonymously admitted that, under certain circumstances, they would commit rape if they believed they could get away with it
  • Based on related statistics, there is no reason for male college students to believe they will ever be caught;85% of rapes go unreported, only 1.5% of rapes result in a trial, and only 0.6% of rapes (1-in167) result in a conviction at trial

Our Solution

gAngel is the first in a series of own-branded and co-branded jewelry accessories for women, men and children. It is made of Silver, stainless steel and gemstones. gAngel is a totally different type of wearable, one that is capable of transforming virtually any fashion accessory you choose to wear into the most advanced lifestyle and personal security wearable ever made.

  • Material: ABS and metal for jewelry
  • Dimension: 25*25*10.3mm, 3 different sizes available
  • Bluetooth Version: CSR4.0
  • Support: Android 4.3/IOS 7.0 and later versions
  • Application: For Wallets/Pets/Kids/Keys/Phone and etc.
  • Battery: CR2032 button battery for about 3 months.
  • Function: Music Playing, Photo Taking, Send SOS, Stopwatch, Alarm, Send Business Card, Record, Anti Lost.

Key Solution Features

gAngel provides following capabilities:
  • Chic, Discreet, Personal Security
  • Replaceable snap jewelry to give different look and feel to match the dress and event function (10+ Styles. More coming)
  • SOS button: Users can send text messages with GPS location to 5 people’s phones when there is an emergency.
  • Easy to activate; hard to send false alerts
  • Anti-lost (2 way Anti-lost): Press button on the small gadget and the alarm will ring on the phone and vice-versa.
  • Take Photos: Press the button on the device to take photos from your phone (selfie)
  • Voice Recording: Use the small gadget to control recording on the phone.
  • Play music: Use the small gadget to control music playing on the phone.
  • Alarm o'clock: Set up alarms on the APP, both phone and small gadgets will alert the user.
  • Stop watch: Use the small gadget to control the stop watch on the phone.
  • Two way communication with build in MIC and Speaker

gAngel Usecases:

gAngel can be useful in following usecases:
  • PATIENTS: When they fall or have an attack and need emergency contact
  • COLLEGE STUDENTS: Protects your Phone, Provides Social Notifications, and Improves Safety around Campus, at Parties, on Study Dates, etc

  • PROFESSIONAL WOMEN WHO SEE CLIENTS ALONE: e.g. Realtors, Appraisers, Social Workers, Outside Sales, etc

  • PEROSNAL SECURITY WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST: Whether You're Home Alone or Returning from Work/School/Shopping, etc

  • WOMEN AT RISK: Women at Risk of Stalking, Bullying, Domestic or Sexual Violence, etc

  • SHOWING LOVED ONES YOU CARE ABOUT THEIR SAFETY: It's Jewelry that Protects Loved Ones During Emergencies


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