Portal and UI/UX Development

Enterprise portal helps employees, partners, suppliers and customers to be organized and connected.  Enterprise Portal offers an integrated and personalized web solution to improve productivity thus optimize business processes. Neevsys can develop core components of an enterprise portal like user interface, content, third-party integrations through web services, portlets and more.

Neevsys has a rich experience of working with clients in diversified business areas. We understand every minute detail and business functionality so that the product fully meets business requirements.

Neevsys Portal Development Services

With rich experience of working with clients in diversified business areas, Neevsys can help you build interactive and easy-to-adopt portal solutions like.
  • Collaboration Portal
  • Enterprise Content Management Portal
  • Hospital Management Portal
  • Knowledge Management
  • Social Networking Portal
  • HR Portal
  • Ecommerce Portal
  • News and Entertainment Portal

Why NeevSys ?

Scalable Cloud-Based Solution

The easy-to-integrate and cloud based Project Management platform is easily scalable to meet current and future project needs. It manages a web-based document storage and collaboration repository used by all stakeholders.

Full Lifecycle Support

From initial platform design through software implementation and beyond, our platform offers support throughout the entire lifecycle of your experience with our solutions.


Supports internal and external information distribution activities and communications / public affairs infrastructure so that project managers and key decision makers can quickly share and access needed information to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Risk Management

Deploy sound processes, policies, metrics, tools, and training across the enterprise to decrease portfolio risk. It provides visibility into tracking schedule, scope and financial information for enterprise portfolio projects.


Develops and maintains standardized project management processes and procedures that leverage the functionality of the Microsoft Project Enterprise Project Management tool

Unmatched Software Capabilities

The Project Management platform is designed to streamline and simplify project execution across existing portfolio and keep everyone involved on the same page and get projects complete as soon as possible.

Easy-to-Use Interface

We have helped some of the largest companies manage their workplace portfolio successfully because our solution is intuitive and easy-to-use. The easy-to-use interface also means a smooth learning curve for system users, minimizing the time required to master the platform and use the key software capabilities to their fullest.

About Company

NeevSys, Minority Women Owned Small business based in Chantilly, VA; provides a full suite of system design, development, and integration services aimed at reducing the cost of operations, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing workforce productivity.

To see a detailed list of our works, please see our case studies.

Our Office

25519 Beresford Dr.,
Chantiily, VA 20152
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